Best KFC Buckets

Can’t get enough of KFC? The best option for you on the menu is the iconic KFC bucket that you can share with family and friends. Try the all-time favourite original fried chicken or dry-rubbed grilled chicken. There is also the juicy boneless chicken strips or the delectable crunchy chicken wings. We put together a list of the best KFC buckets with an India price list for the next time you need a fast-food fix.

KFC bucket

Fiery Grilled Bucket Large chicken pieces are marinated and seasoned with a blend of herbs and spices, and grilled to perfection. This KFC chicken bucket is priced at INR 145 for 2 pieces, INR 279 for 4 pieces and INR 525 for 8 pieces.

Why we recommend it The spice make this the perfect choice for Indian taste buds. The fact that it’s grilled makes it a healthy option.

Hot Wings Bucket Delicious chicken wings dipped in KFC’s secret batter are fried till crunchy, then smeared with a lip-smacking lemon-chilli flavour. A bucket with 24 pieces is priced at INR 485.

Why we recommend it Who doesn’t love wings? This one is reportedly KFC’s No. 1 masaledar snack for all foodies in India.

If you’re not in the mood to eat out, order in. Visit KFC website to place an order for KFC online delivery or call the KFC franchise nearest you for home delivery between 11am and 11pm call @ 44844484. KFC discount coupons can be used for online orders.


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